The Challenge

This 200 apartment rental community, privately-owned, FHA-insured property, originally built in 1969, had fallen into disrepair and was socially, physically, and financially bankrupt. Located adjacent to an elementary school, the school and community were disconnected but the school was seen by the development team as a potential player in the renovation.

The Plan

Landex was able to leverage more than $10,000,000 of public and private financing from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Duval County, and the City of Jacksonville to renovate the property and add a host of social services for both adults and children.

The Result

Today, Hilltop Village boasts an array of programs for its residents that range from a free-standing Early Childhood Center with a full-time Head Start Program for youngsters ages 3-5 and a community center with a full spectrum of social service programs, such as GED classes, Boy Scouts, a 4-H Club, a visiting mobile dental clinic, and a mobile library. In addition, the Magic Johnson Foundation selected Hilltop for a Magic Johnson/Hewlett Packard Inventor Center and equipped it with state-of-the-art computer equipment aimed at bridging the digital divide for low-income families. Hilltop received a “Meritorious Award” from the Duval County Housing & Finance Authority for this redevelopment.

Along with physical improvements such as new roofs, new HVAC systems, new kitchens and baths, etc., the dysfunctional site drainage system and the deteriorated grounds were repaired. In addition, large unclaimed spaces were eliminated to improve the defensible space and new playground equipment and landscaping were added.

Finally, during the 12- month renovation period, residents were temporarily relocated on site in “hospitality units” in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Act.