Awards & Recognition

From urban redevelopment to residential property management, Landex Development has a proven, award-winning track record. We understand that the success of a community extends beyond bricks and mortar; it’s about improving the quality of living for residents and their communities. We are proud to have been recognized by the following organizations for our various projects around the country.

U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold Award (2014)

Croton Heights – Yonkers, NY
This public housing development had been originally built with no green space, was overly dense, and was cut off from the community. For its work redeveloping and transforming the property into a collection of four properties in one larger community, all designed to LEED Gold standards, Landex was awarded LEED Gold status from the U.S. Green Building Council.

State of Maryland Going Green Award (2012)

Bay Ridge Gardens – Annapolis, MD
The State of Maryland presented Landex Development with its Going Green Award in 2012 for its deep energy retrofit of Bay Ridge Gardens in Annapolis.

Joseph Winston Award for Community Appearance (2008, 2009)

The Gallery Lofts – Winston-Salem, NC
For two consecutive years Landex Development received an award for Best Urban Design from the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem for its exemplary revitalization of a former industrial site that has dramatically enhanced the appearance and economic viability of the Goler neighborhood.

Charles Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award (2006)

The Residences at Hampstead – Hampstead, MD
In 2006, Landex was awarded the Charles Edson Tax Credit Excellence Award by the The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition (AHTCC), which recognizes low income housing tax credit developments at the forefront of creating stronger and healthier communities nationwide.

Maryland Home Builder’s Outstanding Home Award (2004)

Broadway Overlook – Baltimore, MD
For its work renovating this crime-ridden public housing complex into a mixed-income, mixed-tenured, and mixed-financed housing community through a public/private partnership of diverse stakeholders who created a new urbanist master plan, the Maryland Home Builder’s Association awarded Landex with its Outstanding Home Award in 2004.

Maryland Developer of the Year (2000)

Autumn Woods – Bladensburg, MD
For its outstanding commitment to excellence in addressing the affordable housing needs of Maryland residents and in strengthening the communities in which they live, Landex Development was named the Maryland Developer of the Year by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development in 2000.

Duval County Housing & Finance Authority’s Meritorious Award (1997)

Hilltop Village – Jacksonville, FL
In 1997, Landex received the “Meritorious Award” from the Duval County Housing & Finance Authority for its work transform the physically and financially bankrupt apartment rental property, located adjacent to an elementary school, into a vibrant community with a number of unique community features, all of which are aimed at bridging the digital gap for low-income families.